Adopt a professional approach by improving knowledge of the products sold, i.e
policy wording/terms & conditions.
To keep abreast of all changes in the Health Sector and be continuously updated on competitors’
To give a top notch service to all clients.




1. To process endorsement on a daily basis and see that there’s no back


2. To work strictly according to agreed processes.

3. To improve knowledge of the products sold, i.e policy wording/terms

& conditions.

4. To work efficiently with claims handlers by checking the claims experience for specific clients in previous underwriting year and impose limitations and exclusions at renewal time.

5. To liaise with Manager to improve existing policies and any other


6. To send documents to clients (Broker/Individual/Corporate) as per SLA

(within 2 weeks).

7. Perform reconciliation after each renewal or implementation of new

corporate client and save same in Client’s Folder on SharePoint


  1. Communicate regularly with colleagues and other members of the company to improve existing IT system / Policy wording/ clauses etc.
  2. . Discuss with Manager of any loop holes in the existing policies and documents and propose improvement options.
  3.  Maintain good relationship with external partners: brokers, Agents and clients.


  1. Check debtors at renewal or new contract.
  2.  Comply with the KYC (Know your Customer) regulations
  3.  Maintain accurate knowledge of your clients, i.e. Be aware of the field of activity of the client, their business portfolio, their claims experience, ability to pay premium etc
  4.  Be aware of the credit facilities offered by the company.
  5. Be aware of money laundering and how it affects insurance business.
  6. Ensure compliance with regulations and procedures as laid down by the FSC and to keep up to date with all changes in the regulatory framework.

Customer Care

  • As and when required to deal with customers for various reasons either by telephone, electronically or face to face and respond promptly to their inquiries and propose a solution: e.g.check membership fees, answer inquiries, resolve complaints and provide information.
  • Greet customers warmly and ascertain problem or reason for calling.
  • Answer questions about terms and conditions of policies; company information and procedures.
  • To obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle service inquiries.
  • To communicate and direct requests / unresolved issues requiring technical assistance to the designated employee / department and follow up to ensure resolution.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Adhere to the policies and procedures of Linkham Services Ltd.
  2. Maintain strict confidentiality of client, company and personnel information.
  3. Demonstrate a strong commitment to the mission and values of Linkham Services Ltd.
  4. Adhere to company discipline principles. 5. Perform other duties as assigned or as required from time to time.


  • Minimum HSC
  • Experience in insurance
  • Experience in Medical insurance would be an advantage
  • Computer Literate


Salary: Negotiable 


  • Drop files here or