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    1 month ago
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    IT & Computer, Web
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    December 15, 2020
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General Description

A full stack Developer with strong experience in Spring framework (with interest for Spring Boot
2.1.*) who would be able to efficiently fulfil all given tasks independently, but who will also be
willing to learn constantly and keep up with new technological trends around Java ecosystem. The
person should also have competences building software cloud based in GCP platform with a
microservices approach. The person should be able to work and coordinate their own activities on
multiple projects simultaneously. It is very important that the person communicates well with the
entire team and is actively involved in analysis of the project demands. The Developer would also be
asked to write technical documentation.

Key duties and responsibilities

Develop enterprise Spring Boot based solutions using GCP features such as App Engine, Compute
Engine, Spanner transactional database, PubSub, etc. The candidate should also be aware of
managing huge amount of data in near real time fashion reducing as much as possible the level of
algorithms complexity.
It’s mandatory to have had experiences in transactional environment with high end concurrency
management, to have knowledge of SQL Database and VCS systems like Git.
It’s also beneficial experience in Dokerized environment with Kubernetes clusters.

Qualifications and experience requirements:

 University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
 3-5 years of relevant experience
 Problem solving skills
 Java v >= 8
 Spring Boot v2.1.
 Deep Knowledge of algorithms and data structures (with focus on BST, B-Tree, Hash tables,
Graphs, MST, SP)
 Fluency in English (written and spoken)
Cloud Experiences:
 App Engine
 Compute Engine
 Kubernetes Engine
 Cloud Functions
 Spanner
 Bigtable
 Cloud Storage
 Big Query
 Pub/Sub
 Dataflow

Other technical requirements:

 Databases: Postgresql 10 and succ., Elastic Search or MongoDB or other NoSql database;
Strong proficiency with ANSIISO SQL
 Event Manager: Kafka and RabbitMQ
 Testing tools: JUnit
 Build tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle
 Programming tools and versioning: JetBrain IntelliJ, GitLab or GitHub
 Knowledge of Scrum methodologies
 Knowledge of gaming and gambling domain
What we offer?
 Full-time permanent employment contract
 Competitive salary and conditions corresponding to demands of the position
 Established 13th salary
 Team building activities
 Flexible working time
 Encouragement of innovation and support in personal and professional growth
 Opportunity for training and education in our locations abroad