Job Seekers Survey 2020

Job Seekers Survey 2020 * Disclaimer By submitting this survey, you agree that your contact details may be used by Motravay Web Services Ltd and its collaborators for recruitment purposes ( Phone calls, email to schedule interviews and background checks). Your contact details will only be used for recruitment purposes. If you don’t wish to […]

We’re Looking for Graduates

Motravay Recruitment Services is looking for graduates for various position in various industries. We are looking for graduates in the following fields: Law & Management Business Accounting & Finance Communication, Media and Journalism Business Management with Specialisation Applied Statistics Management with Law Business Management Applied Information and Communication Technology with Specialisation Human Resource Management and […]

10 golden rules for writing your CV

The job market continues to remain highly competitive for candidates with employers often overwhelmed by the numbers of applications received for every vacancy. In today’s tough economic climate, finding a new job is onerous for most but fine-tuning your CV can help secure the next step: a job interview. 1.  Presentation Don’t format your CV […]

100 Free Online Course to Learn New Skills

Top 100 Free Online Courses Following is curated listed of highly rated and enrolled courses in Udemy. The courses are available for FREE. Coupon is already applied to the course link. To avail, the coupon just clicks on the corresponding course link. Courses are arranged in the following category: Development Marketing Business IT & Software […]

Importance of Researching a Company before Interview

Getting through the job interview, phone screening seems to be tough these days. There are smart candidates who get through and step out for their first face to face interview in an organization. In order to impress the potential employer, the candidate needs to make an extensive research about the organization. Instead of reading through […]

10 things NOT to do on your CV

When you submit your CV it had better be good. The recruiter who receives your application will probably have dozens or even hundreds of CVs to shift and sort. So you’ll be lucky if your CV is read for more than 10 seconds. Here then are ten ‘CV clangers’ to avoid that will help keep […]

Time Management Matrix – learn to manage your time –

The time management matrix will help you identify what you really spend your time on. It’s a particularly useful tool if you want to know how to prioritize work, personal roles, goals and commitments.  Made popular by the late Stephen R. Covey, it’s based on the the idea that all your time is spent in a four quadrant matrix. You […]

5 Soft Skills Companies are looking in new candidates

Strengthening a soft skill is one of the best investments you can make in your career, as they never go out of style. Plus, the rise of AI is only making soft skills increasingly important, as they are precisely the type of skills robots can’t automate. That’s why 57% of senior leaders today say soft […]

10 Good Reasons To Change Jobs Every 3 To 5 Years

Humans are not only creatures of habit, but burrowing creatures as well. It is fun to soar like eagles, but most of us want a cozy burrow to crawl into, too! We crave security more than most of us will admit. We look for security in all the wrong places — like the fact that […]

8 Steps to Choosing a Career

With thousands of options, how will you pick a career that’s right for you? If you don’t have any idea what you want to do, the task may seem insurmountable. Fortunately, it isn’t. Put enough thought into it, and you will increase your chances of making a good decision. 01 Assess Yourself Before you can choose […]

4 tips to find a job with no work experience

Now whether it’s from a first time job seeker or a teenager, we hear this question a lot. Finding a job with no experience can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. First, you want to ask yourself have you really had no work experience? Take a second and think about it. Remember, just […]

10 Tips for Choosing a Job in a Job Seeker’s Market

It’s always exciting when you have job options to choose from, even though it can be stressful to decide which position to accept. As the job market shifts to a “candidate-driven” atmosphere, you could find yourself in a position to be selective about your next job. Job seekers who are in high-demand fields and employees who […]

10 Resume Mistakes That Could Cost You the Job

Most employers are deluged with résumés from eager job seekers. Some human resource managers have hundreds of them sitting on their desks on any given day. With competition this fierce, the key to effective résumé writing means being certain that yours is free of the common errors that many employers complain that they see made […]

7 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Even when you have gone on more interviews than you can count, job interviewing never seems to get any easier. With each job interview, you are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don’t know. And, you need to stay upbeat and enthusiastic […]

Questions to ask during an interview

As a job seeker, no doubt, it is more than likely that you have experienced numerous interviews, been stressed and felt the nerves about how to present yourself at the interview, and even wondered the probabilities of successfully obtaining the job position. No matter if you are interviewing at a business that is family-owned, a […]

Preparing for Interviews

In interviews, your job is to convince a recruiter that you have the skills, knowledge and experience for the job. Show motivation and convince a recruiter that you fit the organization’s culture and job description, and you get that much closer to an offer. 7-Step Interview Prep Plan 1. Research the organization. This will help you […]

This is how will help you in your job search…

What happens when you create your candidate profile? When you create your candidate profile, employers are notified and suggested your profile according to your working preferences or your working experiences. You can be called anytime for an interview once you have created your candidate profile on, so be ready! If you don’t have a […]

CV tips for recent university graduates

Not sure if your CV is ready for the job search? These CV tips will help! Finishing university and kick starting your career is certainly an exciting milestone. But before you start applying for jobs, you need to ensure that you’ve perfected your CV. The great thing about fashioning your CV is that there’s no […]