Now whether it’s from a first time job seeker or a teenager, we hear this question a lot. Finding a job with no experience can be a challenge, but we’re here to help.

First, you want to ask yourself have you really had no work experience?
Take a second and think about it. Remember, just because you didn’t get paid for something doesn’t mean it won’t qualify as work experience. Babysitting or even cutting your neighbor’s grass can count as experience. You can apply the skills you learned doing those tasks to any position. Also, it’s fine to include those side jobs or volunteer experience on your resume.

If you still don’t think you have anything that counts as work experience, here are a few tips:

1) Volunteer. Not only is this a great resume filler, but you can learn valuable skills and it gives you a chance to network. One of your fellow volunteers might know about an open position.


2) Follow up. After applying, go the extra mile. Following up on your job application will set you apart and show that you are ready to jump right into work.

3) Stay positive. Job seekers often think experience is everything. But employers have said a positive attitude and availability can outweigh work experience.

4) Don’t stress it. Avoid mentioning your lack of experience or that’s all the employer will think about. Talk about how excited you are to start working and your willingness to learn.

Don’t worry, finding a job with no experience is very possible. Be confident and use these tips to land that first job in no time!

Source: snagjob


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